Coffee by the beach

Hello Again, i know,  it’s been a long time. As some of you might know my blog got taken over and I wasn’t able to retrieve it until now, but now that im back im more positive and passionate than ever and i’m ready to start this blog back up with a bang.

I live in a lovely seaside resort kind of opposite the sea (Weston-super-Mare if you wanted to know) Which means that i often end up there even if it’s just to grab a coffee, have a paddle, meet with my friends for a chat on the beach or sunbathe. Yes, sometimes that is possible in England.

Me and my mother decided to have a cup of tea by the sea then go on an adventure to the garden centre, yes we are both 80 and spend our time knitting and hoarding plants. we decided to go to a tearoom called Dr Foxes tearooms which is inside an old victorian bathhouse jutting out of the promenade into the sea. It is beautiful as you get to see the sea and fill yourself with caffeinated beverages, it really is my cup of tea.  it is made of old sandstone and cream painted wood panels giving it a lovely rustic beach theme, And a pleasant mood to relax in or even just do college work.

A few of the teas available

As soon as you step into the tearoom your nose is drawn into all the different scents brewing around the room, it really was a glorious fruity earthy scent.  after much pondering on the huge selection of loose leaf teas; I decided To get myself a Ginger and Lemongrass tea. They were stacked in glass jars adorning the shelves.

After we ordered we decided to sit outside as it was a lovely warm summers morning and you have to make the most of the sun  in your life when it’s usually rainy. so we sat outside and sipped our tea watching the waves lash against the sea wall. It was lovely to feel the sun shining on my body, warming my soul. as my stomach was being warmed with soothing fresh tea, even if i didn’t strain it properly first (oops).

My ginger and Lemongrass Tea

After hopping back home on my crutches we decided to go to a trip to Sanders garden centre to fuel my love for all things green. My mother knew for sure that i would be purchasing at least one plant there to add to my collection. as we set off i was blaring country music out of the car and singing along at the top of my voice because, lets face it. who doesn’t?

When we finally arrived i hopped through the garden centre until i found a wheelchair and of corse i had to give it a try and i couldn’t possibly hold plants and use my crutches at the same time so my mother decided to wheel me around. After bumping into almost every obstacle in the way we finally arrived at the house plant section which is my favourite part of any garden centre be

Terrance the cati

cause almost all of it is green. i was wheeled along to the cacti and there was such a selection i found it difficult to choose but we finally made up our minds and chose Terrance. As my Mother was trying to manoeuvre me to the tills she managed to spike my feet on not one but 4 cacti and knock a fudge stand over as well but we made it.

After that fiasco we finally made it home without getting too many cacti spines stuck in our bodies and even found a space for him in my bedroom. It was such a lovely day and it was nice to have some one to one time with my mother as well even if she crashed me into things, caused me pain and complained about how loud i was singing i know she still loves me.

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