My First Fruit and Veg box

Being vegan means that all I really eat is plants (and Oreos) so its no surprise that a Fruit and Veg box sounded like a lazy, cheap and effective way for me to do all my shopping without having to leave the house.

I decided to get my  box from Riverford. The box I chose was the Large fruit and Veg box (£19.95) it includes 8 different veggies and  3 different fruits, these change when the seasons change so you get something nice and different every week. All of the produce is organic and this specific box feeds around 3-4 people.

Look at all the veggies

When the doorbell rang and the Box arrived I had to hop downstairs as I would have been too slow on crutches and didn’t want to miss my special delivery (i’ve been excited for it all week). What is lovely about the veg boxes is that they re-use the boxes they can be used up to 10 times so you’re being good for the environment and your healthy at the same time, what a lovely thing to do!

when I finally hauled and pushed and hopped my way to the kitchen with the box I decided to have a peak inside. The products inside were:

My true friend, the carrot.

salad potatoes which were lovely, small and fresh. You could tell that they were fresh as there is still soil on them. I also had Bunched Onions, unlike normal onions you find in your average supermarket, they were fresh and between the size of a spring onion and a normal onion (which I found quite amusing). Also, in my box I had bunched carrots, the carrots had their tops on still and looked lovely and fresh and happy, Although i wanted to swing them around my head i resisted the urge and placed them in the Vegetable rack instead.

The box also contained swiss chard, yes. I did have to google it so I knew what it was, it looks like a mixture between a lettuce leaf and spinach also, it is high in vitamin A and ironically grown in Great Britain. Another Fruit I got were 5 courgettes. Courgettes have seeds on the inside like a cucumber so they are technically a fruit but i wouldn’t recommend putting them in a fruit salad. BBQ’ing them and then putting them in your burger bun is much more exciting and tastes AMAZING.

IMG_5147Kohlrabi was another item in the box. it is a brassica that resembles the offspring of a turnip and a cabbage. According to google it is grate grated in salad or put in with your soups . We were also delivered some amazingly fragrant and large tomatoes still on the vines, I decided to have one on toast for breakfast and it was delightful. Apples are another family staple that were delivered in our fruit and veg box. I love to make apple crumbles, apple cake, or cooked apple makes for a great topping on nutty granola.



We also had a punnet full of apricots in the box, one of my favourite things to make is an apricot and marzipan flan and if I have the time or i’ll just grab a handful and snack on them instead of crisps. The final thing inside our veg box was a gala melon (the one with the bright yellow skin). Just cut it up into segments and pop them in the fridge so they are nice and cool for when they are needed.


Thank you so much for reading and i’ll be posting everything on my Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook if you want to have a nose.

Snapchat = itskingowen

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