Posh Garden Party

I love the selfie game

On Saturday 23rd I went to my second cousins house for a garden party. They live in outskirts of Upton Upon Severn which is in Worcestershire so it is all posh and fancy. it took us about 2 hours to get there by car but the travel was delightful as we drove past fields full of crops and rivers and lakes.


When we arrived we parked in there field that was adjacent to there house then walked (i mean crutched) up there field and down the long drive to there house.  Once we made it to the house we had the amazing greeting of cold Pimms in the sunshine as we listened to the birds sing and the calming sound of the pond gurgling in the background.

Salad life

When the food was ready we all piled into there spacous dining room to get all our food but me being the crippled leg person that I am I had to get someone to carry my plate back to my seat outside on the lawn.

Being the only vegan at the party meant that all I readlly had was salad as there was nothing else but the salad was stunnning. I had a kale and spinach salad with toasted almonds, a pistacio and quinoa salad with spiralized carrots, a fresh watercress salad with cucmber from there garden and then it couldn’t be a posh garden party without grapes from the garden, sstuffed olives and vegtable crisps. Another delightfuly suprising Thing they had to add to the meal was a white wine called Edgar which was named after edgar the composer who lived in Worcestershire.

After all the mains were eaten and all the wine was drunk we moved onto deserts. There was goosbery fool, lemon and ginger cheescakes, fruit salads and home made Blackcurrant sorbet using the berries in there orchard and vinyard. It was the most glorius thing i had ever tasted so I had three bowls….oops it was so amazing with freshly picked strawberries and raspberies gave the tart flavour to contrast the sweetness of the sorbet.


With all the food out of the way and the huge grounds that were avalable to explore we decided to play a game of croquet on the lawn. With the sin shining on us all we had to do was have fun. If you don’t know croquet is a game where you hit a ball through some hoops in the correct order and the first one to get there ball to the end is the winner. I won game three but lost the other six. The whole game was made more fun by the fact that I had to try and play whilst simultaneously holding my crutches so I didn’t fall over and break my leg any more than it already is.


Berries galore

After all that exersise it was time to relax and go and pick some blackcurrants in the family’s vineyard which is actualy more theraputic than you would expect. Even if you do get spiked quite a lot and stain your white shirt purple.  The bushes were huge and the tart berries just fell off in your hand. At this point in time i’ve already made jam, sorbet and I think i’m making an apple pie some time before saturday or whenever i’m feeling bored to be honest.


Overall it was a lovely day filled with family, friends, food, wine and sun. what more could you ask for in life? feel free to check my instagram for all the phots from the day instagram.com/itskingowen see y’all later. Owen

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