A trip to Bath

IMG_6069On Saturday the 26th of August I went on a trip to Bath with my good friend Sammie mainly because I forced her to come with me because it was a sunny day and i wanted to see all the Architecture because i’m a basic tourist. We started off in Weston-super-Mare, which is my home town and got the train to Bath spa. Because we are both a lazy bunch of people we decided to get the all through train both ways as we didn’t want to have to walk to catch another train. Suprisingly though the train was ON TIME, yes, I know its unbelievable but it’s true. We did have to rush to get the train though because we sat on the wrong platform for half an hour wondering why the train hadn’t arrived yet but once we got on the train was all posh and didn’t smell of urine. It even had a toilet. You know the ones with the buttons outside and the curved door. I couldn’t resist giving it a push. Turns out that someone was in there. Oops

IMG_6075As soon as we arrived we had to get a coffee and cake because we are a middle aged couple that drink tea and complain about politics. We decided to go to an art cafe just out of the center of Bath. Local artists get to display art and you can purchase any of the art on display. I decided to treat myself to an orange and pistachio cake with an almond milk latte (both vegan) whereas my immature companion decided to be a child and have a brownie and lemonade. I think that I won the mature adult award for that cake and a bake.

IMG_6088Once we finished at the art cafe we decided to do a spot of shopping. We started our adventure in the most middle aged shop possible, Whittards. I wanted to get myself some more loose leaf tea because LOOSE LEAF TEA IS THE MOST FUN AND FOOD IS ALL ABOUT FUN. I decided to go for an Apple and Elderflower tea which smells glorious and is in a cute jar. I also bought a caramel hot chocolate powder which you just add your “milk” too, ill be adding almond milk to mine but rice milk is sweeter.  We then went to lush where a lovely man named David which surprisingly is my middle name did a demonstration of lots of different products as I was looking for products to reduce the oil and spots on my skin. He started by showing me all of the vegan moisturisers and I tried a few on my hand even though I knew that I would never be able to afford £13 for a moisturiser which I spend about £3 on at the moment. But hey, I got a free hand massage with it and he also tried all the different cleansers out on my hand called Herbalism (the green scrubby one). I felt like i’d held hands with Shrek as I looked down but after washing it off my hand did in fact feel a lot smoother. All the time this was happening I was trying to balance on one leg over a sink full of hot water. Can you imagine what you think could happen next? Yes, it did happen. Needless to say I scooped up the free sample of moisturiser and Catastrophe cosmetics face mask which is my go to product for when i break out.

IMG_6090We decided that we needed a break after this interesting episode in lush so we went for lunch. We decided to go to Acorn vegetarian restaurant (they do a lot of vegan food too) . When we got there only one table was left but it was a comfy one right in the sun so i wasn’t complaining at all. We both decided to go for Polenta chips and hummus and olives. When they arrived beautifully presented I almost cried. They both tasted so good. The polenta chips were crispy and perfect and the home made spicy Ketchup really added an extra fist of wonder into the dish. I have to have it every time I go, its just a rule. The hummus came with home made bread which was equally as amazing. If you haven’t gathered already food makes me happy. Especially when its made all pretty.

IMG_6082After lunch we went hunting for a place to buy a nice bowl you can put things like olives in. We went up and down all the streets for a good hour until we found Anthropologie. When we got there we realised that all the crockery and home wear was upstairs, but I was on crutches so we chose to use the lift. In anthropologie in bath they have a couple of floors which are staff only, they are used for storing products, as the staff room ect… Well we somehow managed to get onto the staff only floor even though the button in the lift requires a key to operate. The doors slid open and we saw piles and piles of clothes and boxes and we both looked at each other because we knew we weren’t meant to be here and pressed the door close button and tried to get back up BUT THE DOORS DIDN’T CLOSE. Of corse as it always is when i’m around it gets embarrassingly awkward so of all the people we didn’t want to see it was the manager walking towards us in the lift. He looked at us and we both made an awkward smile at him and he told us which button to press and finally the doors closed and we made it upstairs. I also managed to grab a pretty bowl which is great for smoothies or the odd bit of fruit.

IMG_6101After this Sammie went for a stroll and I went for a hop along the canal. It is a beautiful place especially because it was so sunny and warm the day we went. as you looked out at the canal you could see people kayaking and swans and ducks riding the waves. you could see couples having a stroll and there was one man that was cycling and almost fell into the canal. You could also see the bridge and as we walked further along we went past a park. We almost went in but then realised that we would have to pay. WHO PAYS TO GO INTO A PARK ITS NOT EXACTLY A FESTIVAL IS IT.

IMG_6100Because we walked on we did go past lots of food stalls not that we could eat anything after the amazing lunch we had just eaten. When we finally finished the loop around bath we got back to the Abbey which is so large and amazing. The architecture in bath really is stunning and intricate. The abbey had amazing spires and designs etched all over it. Considering it was made so many years ago it must have taken a huge amount of time and effort to build to such a high standard and amazing quality Building to worship the god that they loved so very very much. IMG_6104

On the way back on the train we ate vegetable crisps, I say we, I mean me. when we found the right station because sammie decided that she would take us to the wrong one right on the other side of the train station because she doesn’t think about my bad broken leg or the calories that I didn’t want to burn walking. We did make it home in the end though and I was so tired after crutching up and down hills that I had a nap before tea.

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