Christmas 2016 Announcement

As you might h15226456_938255286318772_1633247652_nave picked up by now I am doing a lot for Christmas this year. I will be posting a new festive recipe every Monday and Friday on my blog. Mainly sweet treats and things to share with the family during the time all the cousins are around your house trying to eat the next days chocolate from your advent calender.

I will aso be vlogging EVERY DAY on my Snapchat for the whole of December. Yes, every day. You can add me on snapchat HERE if you wanna see what I’m doing. I am very excited for the whole of15239297_938255346318766_1422794344_n December as I have been planning different recipes for a good 4 months and I hope that you will all love them as much as I do. I have lots of exciting days out and meetups to do in December as well as family time eating some lovely food prepaered by the best son ever (me) and you will all get to come along with me on the adventure and expericence a day in the life of me through snapcaht vlogmas.


I hope you will all enjoy it as much as i did planning and making it, love always,


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