A day in photos.

Long time no see kiddos. Today I have a line up of all my photographs from one day, (The 4th of Feb to be exact). Hopefully they will look pretty and you appreciate them. So lets go. Hop in the proverbial car and open the map. We are going on a journey.



I started off the day with a shower because although I am male I still aim to smell nice. I used Superdrug’s Apple shampoo along with the Passionfruit shower gel which i got for £3 in the sale. can you tell i’m on a budget? I then whipped on some clothes. As you can probably tell i ripped these jeans myself. well, all of the rips but one on the back which was ripped in the store so they were reduced and they came with knee rips but me being me wanted to spice them up a bit so i gave them the ‘dragged through a hedge backwards’ look. Topped off with visible underwear which adds a little colour and some sauce as well. Gotta up the game when you’re single right?

fullsizerender-3We all love a good smoothie or juice don’t we. They fill us up and give us energy for the day as well as packing a punch with at least 2 of your 5 a day. This particular one is Orange and Blackcurrant. This is great if you are living on a budget. Just whip a cheeky can of orange juice out of the fridge and add a handful of blackcurrants and blitz it like it’s your ex-boyfriends balls after you found out he was cheating on him. It is a rather fresh and Moorish smoothie. If you don’t want bits make sure you sieve it before you pour it into your glass.


Becausefullsizerendere it is a Saturday, and also because I am rather greedy I decided to share 6 Jus roll cinnamon rolls with my sister along with the juice. They are an amazing treat as a pudding, breakfast or midnight snack, and what’s better is that they are 100% Vegan and taste SO GOOD. Make sure you drizzle over the icing and try not to spill it as you devour them. Oh, and don’t drop them as I did once when I was talking them out of the oven as your dog will surely gobble them up.



fullsizerender-4Just because it’s a Saturday does not mean that I don’t have work to do. Today I wrote an essay, did 3 pieces of homework as well as an hours worth of revision. When you get up earlier it makes it a lot easier to be productive and motivated to succeed in life. To be Honest I don’t know if this question is right so I will be redoing it tomorrow when i’m not half asleep. The pen I always keep coming back to is the Lamy safari. This particular one is red but i have other colours. They are so smooth to write with. And if you snap the nip you can get replacements! I have been using Lamy’s for over 5 years and to be honest I only found out about them from when on the apprentice Nick and Karen used to take notes on the candidates using these pens and they looked really cool so I Decided to get one .And I have never looked back.


Processed with Rookie CamI had a Meal to go to tonight at a place called Loves Cafe. It was an 100% Vegan Japanese taster meal. They had a band too so i decided that it would be a good idea to take a dip before I went out. So, again I hopped into the moisture machine. But the bath this time. As we all do in the bath i put some music on. I starting jamming out to some classics such as Avril Lavigne, The black eyed peas and Busted (yes, I know they are old). It was lovely to be able to relax and have a minute to myself in a foaming mess of white and dance my stresses away.



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