How to survive Valentines day being single.

We’ve all been there. The 14th 0f February rolls closer and closer and we begin to realise that we won’t have a Valentine. But that’s ok. You can still enjoy Valentines day as much as you could if you were in a relationship. Here are some of the thing that I do on Valentines day so that I don’t start to feel sorry for myself.

fullsizeoutput_360The first thing to do is think 0f all the good things that happen in your life and all the friends and family that have supported you, and that have gone out of the way to support you in some situations when maybe you didn’t feel the best. Sometimes you feel that because you are single it means no one loves you but that is SO not true. You are loved, you are special and people do care about you a lot. Even if people don’t show it does not mean that they don’t care. Remember to not forget that and also to share the love with your friends because they deserve it too.


fullsizeoutput_363Another great thing to do is to create a lovely atmosphere around you so that your room feels more homely and inviting. Light a candle or two, Turn on those fairy lights or get some cute new bedding and a blanket to snuggle into. This is one of my favourite candles of all time. It is rosewood scented so smells earthy and slightly sweet and spicy. It is lovely to relax with. This was bought from TK Maxx. Smells really can transform your mood and they make me a lot more relaxed and positive about life in general. Just make sure your candles don’t contain beeswax or animal fats.


fullsizeoutput_365A great Idea is to spend some time on baths and face masks, the amazing duo. You can get some great but pricy face masks and bath bombs from LUSH but as I’m rather poor at the moment I decided to opt for the cheaper version and get this lovely cucumber peel off face mask from Superdrug which you can find here where you can buy it for only £2.59, BARGAIN. It’s great and you get to have the fun bit where you peel it off your face and all your dead skin comes off with it too. So satisfying. You can also find some cheapish and vegan bath bombs from bomb cosmetics which are similar to lush, they deliver too.


fullsizeoutput_368If you are feeling down, I would totally recommend writing little letters to your friends and family to thank them for being there for you in situations when you needed them. It makes you feel good and also it can make that persons day. I make sure I do this to at least one person every Valentines day to show them that they are valued to me. Although I know it is hard to do, try your best not to be jealous of your friends that are in relationships. Just because you are single now does not mean that you will be single forever. There will be someone for you.


la-coverIt’s always good to have some cute music to listen to, especially if you are in the bath. I am currently really enjoying Spotify’s Revision ballads playlist which you can find Here, it gets updated weekly so there’s always something new. My favourite album at the moment is by Lauren Alaina which you can listen to Here. It is pop country music and I like listening to it on the bus to college, when I’m in the bath or even when I’m reading a book before I go to bed.


fullsizeoutput_362The current book that I am reading is called A bed of scorpions which is by Judith Flanders. You can find it Here. In the book, a publisher gets caught up in a suspicious death and that’s all I’m going to tell you. You’ll have to buy the book (I don’t want to spoil it, Oh and I’ve not finished it yet so I don’t know how it ends). Reading is a very good thing to do. It’s good for your brain and imagination but not your bank balance. I love to read on the bus or in bed. Because you aren’t meant to be on screens an hour before you go to bed, picking up a book instead of your phone will also boost your sleep and get you off to bed earlier.

fullsizeoutput_369.jpegTreating yourself doesn’t just mean with a face mask and a bath. You could make a lovely mug cake for one which cooks in two and half minutes. You will need…

  • 3 Tablespoons of plain flour
  • 3 tablespoons of soya or other milk
  • 2 Tablespoons of sugar
  • 1/2 Teaspoon of baking powder
  • 1 Tablespoon of vegetable oil

Then, all you need to do is pop them in a large mug, mix them together and microwave it for two and a half minutes in your microwave and top with whatever you want. Jam, icing, lotus spread, Nutella. It’s all up to you.



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