A day at Kew Gardens

I decided that when I was in London to see my grandma that I should go and visit Kew gardens as the resident plant lover vegan hoe. So myself, my Grandma and my Mother set off to Kew gardens to see all the little plants, but it being our family we accidentally go there half an hour before the gates opened so we had to queue for 30 mins in the heat and direct sunlight of London.


It was definitely worth the wait and because it was so sunny and warm it made the beauty of nature even nicer (and better to take photos of). We started by walking down the Broad Walk which is the longest double herbaceous border in the country. Spanning 320 meters it is filled with so many different colours and species you can’t help being in awe of natures beauty.

DSC_0311.JPGAfter walking along the boardwalk we decided to visit a place on the map called the Oragnery which you think would contain oranges right? WRONG, in fact it was a café which ruined that idea. So we decided to go and look at some creepers and crawlers but that turned out to be a play area for toddlers. Honestly I was quite angry at that point so we stopped and had a coffee in Victoria café which was lovely after the had to remake my drink with soya as they didn’t listen to me the first time.

DSC_0222.JPGOnce me and mother were refuelled we walked to the palm house which was the most extraordinary building. It is a victorian glass and iron structure or in simple terms, a hella big greenhouse. It recreates tropical temperatures, housing hundreds of tropical plants it is the hottest room building in Kew and also one of the largest. as soon as you step inside you see these plants that are so much bigger and older than you and it really puts your life into perspective.

DSC_0283.JPGThey have little water sprayers around the glasshouse that go off intermittently so that the plants get damp and watered without someone having to cary around a large watering can but we didn’t realise that these existed before I got sprayed right in the face covering my glasses in water and effectively blinding me.

DSC_0287.JPGAfter that experience we decided to go upstairs to the higher bit of the glasshouse to get away from the water but we forgot that as it was over 30 degrees outside, heat rises and the on top of all that the building is made of glass we were roasting when we got to the top (it is 66 feet high at this point) but the view was incredible. You could see all the plants in the palm house and it felt like you could see the whole of London you were so high and all of the grounds of kew with people that looked tiny.

DSC_0319Of corse we had to go to the princess of wales conservatory as it contains cacti and carnivorous plants and that is effectively my brand and I LOVED IT. They had different zones for different places the plants came from as well as specific rooms for plants like carnivorous plants and air plants. I saw this massive cactus and I fell in love although I nearly fell onto it and then i’m sure I wouldn’t be in love i’d be in pain.

DSC_0298.JPGWe also went and visited the lilly house which contained water lillies so big that I could dlie down in the and strech my hands out and I still woudn’t touch the edges of it. they also had lots of draping plants from the celings like this beutiful purpe spiky baby. The building was so humid as it contained such a large pond that when I walked in my glasses decided to steam up on me which wasn’t brilliant but hey that went after a while and I could feast my eyes on all the lil plants.

DSC_0342.JPGWe also made friends with the swans that were chilling on in the river that cuts along kew gardens. Also if you didn’t know bread is reaally bad to give birds so if you do want to feed them chuck some seeds thier way. they will appreciate not having n icky stomach.

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