Staying Positive in the hard times

Sometimes it’s hard to stay positive when everything around you seems to be falling apart. Or when it starts to come back together again and then shatters right in front of you just when you think that it’s starting to get better. Well, this is how life is going right now, and that’s ok.

We are human, we make mistakes and it’s how we overcome these ruts in the bumpy road that is life which defines us. Sometimes you’ll have a huge bump that stops you right in your tracks or even sends you reeling back down the road, but sometimes you’ll hit a bump that powers you forward. We don’t always understand why things happen to us, those being good or bad things but you can’t expect to be able to overcome those bumps in life if you’re sat comfortably in your comfort zone.

Imagine if every single successful person in the world decided that because they hit a bump they should give up and that the path they’re meant to be on isn’t the path they should be on. SO MANY things wouldn’t have happened or wouldn’t have been invented and so many political systems would still be in use. Things won’t change if you’re playing it safe.

But, that being said just because you feel down doesn’t mean that you’re going to be stuck there. Especially with creative things it takes time and effort to get to that space where you feel like you’re able to get the creative juices flowing. This is similar in other walks of life. Sometimes you just need a day off to have a breather and a break to grab that bit of strength you need to smash down the barrier tomorrow.

So relax, take a breath. it’s all going to be ok as long as you take it slow and have someone to turn to when life gets really tough. And remember, self care is important too. you need time out to read that book or chill with friends, just whatever relaxes you and whatever you enjoy. Life is to be loved not to be stressed.

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