How to know the right path to take

Sometimes you feel like you are at a crossroads and you don’t know which way to turn and you start panicking because all these worries start to fly around your head about all the awful things that will happen if you choose the wrong path.

But, the first and most important thing to know is to not panic about taking the wrong path. If we really think logically about this situation we would realise that we don’t make the best choices in life if we are flapping. If you really don’t know what path to take you should give yourself a minute to think and relax rather than jumping into a split second decision as that won’t give you a great end result will it now? This goes for everything in life but especially for the big things that you are wrestling with.

Sometimes when you choose a path to take you put a lot of thought into it because you feel like it is such a huge deal but in reality in the future you will look back and see how insignificant it was to where you are today and your personal gain. Even if you realise that the opportunity that you walked past you should’ve taken you shouldn’t be ashamed about missing that chance. It’s completely normal to walk back on your path and have another go. If anything, making the effort to go back and change shows you’re committed to be the best person you can be which is extremely commendable.

Even if you feel like the path you want to go down is hard or too experienced for you what do you have to loose trying? if anything it could give you experience, feedback, interview prep ideas and so much more. Throwing yourself into something is 100% the best way to feel in control of your life. I always try to put as much effort into everything I do because I know that it will be like liquid gold in the future and you learn SO MUCH from it.

Although it’s great to bounce ideas off friends, family members or mentors. However those people aren’t you and you should remember that although listening to them is great you should make the final decision, after all this is your life and it should be controlled by you and you alone.

Personally, I struggle with the concept that although my friends and other people who I look up to are great that they don’t always make great chances themselves so should you really decide based on one person’s opinion? (the answer is 100% no). Test the waters, have fun and remember most of all that you should be completely and unapologetically you. It’s normal to get blown by the wind but it’s unhealthy if you don’t have strong roots.

Owen out,


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