Bath Christmas Market

fullsizeoutput_790On Saturday me and Soph decided it would be fun to go to Bath Christmas market (you can check her out here.) You know those people that are always late to everything no matter how early they get up??? well Soph is one of those people so her train gets cancelled so I end up sat in a Pret by bath spa station for over an hour waiting for her, but in fairness it wasn’t her fault and it gave me some time to organise some things and get a coffee! When i’m half way through planning Christmas presents I see this huge flurry of snow. At the start I thought it was real but it was only foam. It seemed like every single person ran out of Pret to take photos and of corse I did too.

DSC_0008When Soph finally decided to turn up we made a tactical decision to grab a coffee. We went to Chapel arts café. it’s a lovely café that has loads of art and plants that you can buy and amazing coffee and cake. Being the edgy hoe that I am I went for a flat white. The staff are so lovely and kind, you can tell it is a posh place because they had tap water but it was infused with different things like lemons, mint, sage and cucumber and it just all in all looked SO CUTE!!

fullsizeoutput_789After filling up on coffee we got sucked into the depths of the Christmas market. I have never seen Bath so busy. There were people everywhere and you could barely move for all the people surrounding you. The stalls had such a huge range from glass bottles made into clocks to bean filled hot water bottle dogs and chilli sauce stalls. But the best stalls by far were the mulled wine stalls. As it was so cold mulled wine was needed so you didn’t freeze to death in the fake snow.

fullsizeoutput_798Because it was so cold and i’m male I didn’t think to bring a coat with me but it turned out great as I found this cute number for the modest price of £30. (thanks Soph for being a great photographer.) When we were pushing through the busy streets of Bath we came across so many amazing Buskers/Singers that were so talented. We saw a teenage boy outside the pump rooms singing his li’l heart out and everyone cheered him after he finished every song. It was so lovely to see a community come together to bring joy and support someone, but it was also sad to see that this attention wouldn’t be reciprocated to someone else who would be just as talented based on a prejudice towards elder people who look a bit worse for wear. I always try to challenge myself on things like this.


As we walked past all the amazing stalls we came across the most luscious brownie stall. All they sold were different types of brownie, and my inner chocaholic was enticed by the free samples. When I saw that there was free food on offer i turned to Soph, and pointed at the stall and said “Soph, theres free samples” and a lady next to her turned around and laughed at me. I AM SORRY OLD LADY BUT DO YOU NOT WANT FREE SAMPLES OF OVER 8 DIFFERENT TYPES OF BROWNIE? THIS IS A MISSION TO GET AS MANY FREE SAMPLES AS POSSIBLE, TO LEAVE WITH A FULL BELLY OR A BAN FROM BATH CHRISTMAS MARKET FOR STEALING TOO MANY SAMPLES. But don’t worry we bought a pack each too. I went for vanilla chocolate brownies which my sister and I shared in the evening.

fullsizeoutput_799There were some really strange stalls as well though, like a stall that made musical animals that you hit or rubbed with a stick and they replicated the sound the animal made. Creepy if you’re asking me to be honest. There was also a whole stall that only sold olive oil and honey?? i’m sure not that many people go to a Christmas market for bloomin olive oil but who am I to judge?
fullsizeoutput_78fFor those of you that have never visited Bath before just know that they go all out on Christmas decorations. You can see Bath Abbey in this picture which is the most wonderful church. You can even go for tours in it and go up the bell tower which is well worth the spend. Last year I was at the Christmas market there was a man that rocked up right next to the Tree and started blasting out some proper opera tunes and he was SO LOUD!! I don’t understand how he could physically do it without a microphone kinda loud. Although this year the market is crazy busy its super amazing and helps you get into the Christmas spirit, and if you don’t get into the Christmas spirit you can at least drink some Christmas spirit (as long as you’re over 18.)

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